The Battalion has its Headquarters Company centered in Tennessee, with members
from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. A Company is centered in
Florida with members throughout that state. Both companies are active in living history
displays and reenactments throughout the Southeast. During such events we try to give
the public an idea of what it was like to be a British parachutist during WWII.  While the
true feel of combat cannot be re-enacted, we strive to keep alive the memory of those
valiant lads by passing on the knowledge we have gained through our displays and
public battle reenactments.

History of the 7th Battalion
Headquarters Company
An airborne
patrol moves
along a railway
used by the
Lads are joined
by veteran
Dakota pilots
who took Brits
into Holland and
We recreate the British Airborne parachutist of the 6th Airborne Division during World
War II. Our goal is to portray to the public the history and the personal aspects of that
generation of heroes who sacrificed so much for freedom.