WWII Days at Peachtree City
Cpl Rhodearmer arrived and made contact with the event organizers, and set up a nice tent. His
hardest task was directing Pve Baker to his location. Pve Baker and I arrived on site just before dark
Friday. We unloaded Jeep and set up bivi tents. Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn;
a nice display was set up under the tent of various weapons and kit. The jeep hood was also used
and field phones were set up between the jeep and tent. We were across the way from the USO
show stage. The morning was clear and not too hot with a good number of the public looking and
asking questions. All of us made our rounds of all the displays in the hanger and out on the field.
There were a few vendors selling various items. There was a PTO battle at about 1000 hrs. Pve
Baker reported "it wasn't much of a battle". Lunch was provided by the CAF. Early afternoon was an
attempt to coordinate the battle. We linked up with a strange SAS chap. There were speakers from
Holland who talked about Market Garden and the effects on the war on the people of Holland. There
was also an hour talk on the real Pappy Boyington and the Black Sheep Squadron.

> We also ran into a RCAF Officer (real RCAF). He was a good chap and was kind enough to check
out our display.

> At 1400 the USO show began. We saw Bob Hope and were treated to song and dance from Betty
Grable, Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland and the Andrew sisters. They not only look great, they could
sing too! Now Charlie is our USO expert so all questions on that area should be directed to him.

> The battle took place at 1500 hrs. The field was about 75M wide and 200M long with misc. building
mock-ups and other items to make it look like a Dutch village. No allied vehicles could enter the field.
They had to stop on the edge. Our battle area was on the left side working with the 101st ABN. Cpl
Rhodearmer with SMLE and grenades launching, Pve Baker with a STEN and me with a pistol
worked our way to the objective. Charlie put a couple grenades (tennis balls) right on bunker. We
assaulted through to the bunker surviving the action. > We secured the display as that portion of the
day was closed after the battle and photos by CAF staff and who ever else that had a camera.

> At about 1800hrs the dinner / dance began. This is the main fund raising event for the Dixie Wing
of the CAF. Charlie took dance lessons with the Andrew sister in preparation for the dance. As
reenactors in uniform we were able to get in at half price There was a good meal and open bar. They
had a band in the big band fashion. Charlie danced the night away with all the pretty girls!! We were
again treated to song by Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland. They really put on a good show.
This went on till about 2300 hrs and then every thing shut down for the night. There was a healthy
rain storm Saturday night Sunday early morning. Breakfast was coffee and donuts with Phillip the
German, our crazy neighbor from Scotsboro AL. There was a chapel service on a jeep hood just out
side the main hanger at about 0900 hrs. Weather was threatening and there was debate by CAF
staff on to cancel or go on. The weather held and a battle was planned for 1300 hrs. Cpl
Rhodearmer was called away by BN HQ and departed about 1200 hrs. Pve Baker and my self took
part in the battle. This battle was designated to be a German win. The British forces(Tim and I) were
deployed into a building mock-up as the battle started we were to start. Pve Baker was killed in
valiant action while I was captured. ( this is about as close to a Market Garden historically as each
battle produced ) Of course then the GIs and Germans fought it out to a German victory. I was
carried off to first the German dressing station then to a GI aid station for treatment of wounds. The
GI aid station was really good. They had a couple of doctors and 2 or 3 nurses and all the kit to
make it look correct. They put on a great demonstration after each battle with the wounded from
those battles. ( Garry would really have enjoyed their impression ) We departed the area about 1430
hrs just before the down pour.

> This was an excellent event. It was not large. The display area was not large nor was the battle
field. There was a nice turn out by the public and other reenactors. Everyone I met from the CAF
Dixie Wing were great, easy to work with and helpful at every point. They repeatedly voiced their
thanks for us being there, fed us lunch and breakfast and let us use their Latrine facilities. This was
a great event that I hope I can attend again next year.

> Things to do better next time are very few. First was the weather (which we have no control over)
locating facilities to clean up before the dinner / dance would be nice. It was a hot-humid GA
afternoon of the Sat battle. ( there was no place to hide and wash up ) and yes bring period chairs
for the time you are at the display tent. Perhaps examine a better way to set up the displays.

> Charlie's Grenade cup SMLE and Tim's 24 hr Ration were the stars of the day. They received
more interest and questions than everything else we had put out.

> S/Sjt Spurgeon