AAR for HQ Coy 7PARA
21-22 JUNE 2013

Maj. Kenneth Fieth, Commanding
Lt. Garry Shores
Sgt. T.L. Black
Cpl. Charles Rhodearmor
Pte. Luke “Twilight” DiLeo
Pte. Joe DiLeo

After a widely scattered drop by airlift command, Lt. Shores set up at the assembly point and began
setting up the Bte. HQ and RAP at approx. 1200.  At approx. 1330 , I arrived at the CP and reported in
to Mister Shores.  As much of our rations had been lost in the drop, Mr. Shores felt that the most logical
course of action involved searching the local area for provisions.  Upon securing said provisions, we
returned to HQ area and began assessing what items had indeed arrived.  After inventory, we
determined the plan of action and began implementing said plan.  

By this time, Cpl. Rhodearmor had arrived (approx. 1500) and with him brought much needed supplies
to interpret the weapons of the Bte.  Camp was set and the lads discussed the plans for the next day’s
interpretation.    At approx. 1830, elements of the 501st requested that 7PARA provide security for their
camp area which we happily obliged.  Upon realizing that we could not secure the far perimeter of the
American camp, we felt that it would be best if we repositioned their 75mm Pack Howitzer inside the
7PARA perimeter.    Sgt. Yarbrough seemed very glad to see our initiative in protecting the asset that
he personally signed out of the Airborne museum, as the relief was evident on his face upon finding the
missing weapon in such good hands.  I should further mention that Sgt Winder of the 501st may be the
first person ever to have skied behind a pack howitzer, as I did not notice his lack of assistance in
returning the gun until we had pulled it back into place.  I had assumed that it must of have been up hill,
but in fact Sgt. Winder decided to provide counter resistance to aid in exercising our crew.

At approximately 2130, Pte. Twilight and Pte. DiLeo arrived and at approx. 2230 Maj. Fieth assumed
command of the depleted section.    Provisions were consumed and much general merriment was
enjoyed by all.  Uniform of the day was khaki drill.

At approximately 0800, camp was squared away and prepared for interpretation.  Cpl.  Rhodearmor
provided excellent interpretation of the small arms of the regiment by displaying his collection of Stens
and his BREN.  Pte. Twilight stepped forward during the “build a para” demonstration and showed
excellent knowledge of the British Airborne as well as good confidence in front of a crowd.  I took Pte.
DiLeo aside and went through the basic manual of arms and he showed good aptitude.

Another area of high interest was Mr. Shores’ surgical pannier and RAP display.  With all of the
implements of war on display, it seemed that many truly enjoyed seeing the medical display.  It was of
extreme interest to those in the medical field, with many trauma nurses and doctors spending time
looking at the kit and its contents.

Two meals of excellent quality were provided by the host unit and as always the lads of the 501st did
their best to provide a quality experience for the re-enactors.    Scheduled events ended at approx.
1500 and camp was broken.

Overall, the interpretation was limited by the lack of equipment that arrived.   Greater planning on my
part could have alleviated some of these issues.  Also, limited numbers hindered our ability to interpret
the battle drill or manual of arms, as all hands were needed at the CP to speak with the public.  The
crowd was disappointed in the lack of a battle, but 7PARA did their best to provide a quality experience
to the general public.  

Should we determine that this is indeed an event that we wish to support, we will need to begin planning
our display further in advance so that we can insure that the public will continue to enjoy the excellent
displays for which we are known.


Sgt. T.L. Black